~Moonlight Sonata~


This stunning long tassel necklace is elegant and unique with striking blue goldstone beads, a handcrafted fine silver piece, triple silk tassel, and hand wrapped iolite rondelles.  The silver centerpiece depicts the moon and stars.  The tassel has a rhinestone cap that adds an art deco feel to this piece.  The shimmery blue goldstone adds to the mystical effect of this piece and complements the moon and stars centerpiece! Each dark iolite rondelle is hand wire wrapped with care.  I hope you will feel truly special wearing this uniquely designed piece.  My pieces are named after artwork, songs, or movies that inspire me and usually these are vintage titles.  This piece in particular was inspired by Beethoven's, "Moonlight Sonata."  The song title fits perfectly with silver centerpiece with the depiction of the moon and stars.  It's almost as if you can see the moonlight shimmering on the water as I usually envision in this classical piece.  A perfect gift for someone special.  It would be a perfect piece for a birthday, anniversary, or special present.  I hope you or your loved one will will truly special wearing this uniquely designed piece.


~ Blue Goldstone Beads (6mm)

~ Dark Iolite Rondelles (4mm)

~ Fine Silver Centerpiece (23 mm)

~ Sterling Silver wire 

~ Sterling silver spacers

~ Rhinestone tassel cap

~ Sterling Silver stardust beads (6mm)

~ Sterling Silver crimps and crimp covers 

~ Triple Silk tassel 

~ Length 29" 

~ Tassel length: 3"

~ Pendant drop length: 4 1/4" 


~ “What I have in my heart and soul must find a way out.  That’s the reason for music.” -Beethoven


~Healing Properties: 


Blue goldstone is a special gemstone that helps promote a positive attitude.   It has been used like copper to soothe inflammation of joints and reduce stomach problems from anxiety.  It will uplifts and promotes vitality for those that wear this stone.


Iolite is a visionary gemstone. It helps provide intuition so that it soothes the soul and provides inner knowledge.  It balances the mind and body while giving resonance and gentleness for those that wear this stone. 


Thus, these two gemstones together provide a powerful positive and visionary combination.~


All jewelry pieces are handcrafted, unique, and every piece is slightly  different since they are each created by hand.  I create each of the special bronze, silver, and copper centerpieces by hand.  Each bead is hand wire wrapped with care.  I hope you will enjoy this piece of jewelry as much as I enjoyed making it! 


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. The length of an item can always be adjusted to fit for no extra charge! I made the pieces a standard size so they could be adjusted to be the perfect fit for you!  Please leave what length you need in the comments section of your purchase. Also, the design on the bronze piece can be changed and the colors can be changed upon request.  Since every piece is made by hand any color, style, or bronze design can be changed.  This piece can be ordered in sterling silver with a silver centerpiece or in rose gold with a copper centerpiece.    


Thank you! 


-A Little Vintage Happy :)



All images, designs, and material are copyrighted.  ©2015 A Little Vintage Happy.  All rights reserved.  



All items come in a jewelry box.  Special messages may be included for gifts.  Please let me know what you would like your message to say in the notes section at check out.  



Please message me for a special order.  I would love to make something personalized for you.  Please take a look at my other items to see what different materials can be used or send me a message to learn about different options.  Since I make each necklace by hand they can always be altered to make it the perfect fit for you or someone special! 



I would love to make a personalized order for you! If you have any old buttons, tie tacks or old jewelry pieces from loved ones or pieces that have special memories, I would love to make them into a personalized piece for you. It would be a great way to remember a loved one or honor a special memory.  Just send me a message with the picture of the item and I will create some designs for a special piece for you!

Moonlight Sonata Necklace

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